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Dandyism has been around for centuries in many different forms and styles. In this era, a new wave of dandyism has hit the streets, combining a bespoke tailored lifestyle, with rugged edges, reaching back to a time where crafts and manual labour had their heyday. It's a way to combine the finest English of Italian fabrics, with the most pure Japanese selvedge denim, hardcrafted leather accessories or sturdy footwear.




n. pl. dan·dies

1. A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; .

2. Something very good or agreeable.

adj. dan·di·erdan·di·est

1. Suggestive of or attired like a dandy; foppish.

2. Fine; good.

[Perhaps short for jack-a-dandy, fop.]

dan′di·ly adv.

dan′dy·ish adj.

dan′dy·ish·ly adv.

dan′dy·ism n.


Amsterdam, a city that has been involved with water in one way or another, presents a rich nautical history with lots of trading around the world. in the 17th century, the merchants brought back spices, foods and cloth from the new world, creating opportunities for local tailors to reinvent fashion at the time. Silk, cashmere and other luxury fabrics were uncommon in the Netherlands then. In the late fifties of the last century, the first jeans were imported from the United States to the mainland of Europe. This created a new wave in street fashion, which the rebels of the time were eager to embrace. Jeans were worn by the one who rode motorcycles, the outcast, and scumbags of society. Nowadays jeans are common in fashion and the biggest names in the fashion industry design jeans for their collections.


It's the art of Amsterdam Dandyism to combine the bespoke tailoring and the rugged look of denim, while remaining fashionable and stylish.

This style is taking over the barber industry by storm. Lots of new wave barbers are keen to wear the jeans, but style the top with a dress shirt, waistcoat and bow tie. It's this particular style that is iconic to the modern barber. To present yourself as an outcast of society, but to be classy enough to groom the elder members of society.

So go on and wear that wool two piece suit with some worn sneakers, a chain wallet and a denim waistcoat. The traditional laws of gentleman's apparel are to be broken.


"Style doesn't play by the rules; neither should you." - Barber Birdman